Poor Fella Has Been Shitting By Sitting On The Rim Of The Toilet His Whole Life



Look, I dont know if this is true but if it is, it’s a nightmare. Can you imagine? Just being a grown ass dude and talkin shop at the local Lowes only to find out that you’ve been pooping wrong your whole life. What a shot to the ego. I’m not a firm believer in things like Man Cards and whathaveyou but my goodness. If you poop wrong for over 20 years, you get your Man Card taken away. It’s as simple as that.

There’s no going back either. You cant just up and change your poop style after all that time. Impossible. You’ve gotta be a rim shitter forever. You had no idea that you were a rim shitter because you didn’t know you were doing it wrong. You were just a shitter and now you’re a rim shitter and you’ve literally changed nothing.

Talk about being unable to unring a bell. How does this happen?

Come to think of it, maybe there is something he can do. Maybe he can do the reverse training for cats getting cats to poop in the toilet.

Go step by step by adding some foam on the rim, and then a wooden seat right on the rim and then the regular rim. Sure, it’ll take some time and you might have to have some uncomfortable convos with your pal. It’ll be a process that’s worth it in the end. #TrustTheProcess

Maybe he should go all in and get one of these toilet seats that little a table with a hole cut out for your ass and whatnot. (whatnot meaning privates) {penis}

Feels like he has a whole new world of comfort ahead of him. Im actually kinda jealous. Good work, everybody.