The Philadelphia Eagles Are Officially The TRUTH

5-1.  5-motherfucking-1.

1st in the NFC East.  1st in the entire NFC with tiebreakers ahoy.  It’s borderline surreal.  This team shouldn’t be this good.  Hell, this team isn’t this good.  But they come out and play, and play fucking hard.

There’s no rhyme or reason the Eagles should’ve won that game last night.  The Panthers went into Foxboro and stuffed it in the Patriots.  Can Newton has been playing out of his sac.  Carolina is regarded as one of the top teams in the game…and the Eagles went into their home and pushed them around.

I’m getting on a plane now and more in the Good/Bad/Ugly later, but ya gotta give credit where credit is due.  Doug Pederson has these guys playing their balls to the bone, and winning because of it.   The one thing we took for granted in the Andy Reid prime years was the seamlessness of winning,  it just came naturally.  It’s nice to get that feeling back again, even if it’s only somewhat right now.

Just enjoy the ride, baby.