Cubs Road To Repeat - NLDS Game 5 Live Blog


It is what it is at this point. I don’t even know how to describe my emotions. I’m fired up about the whole rain delay/Stephen Strasburg shoving it up our ass thing. I’m pissed off that the Cubs haven’t even come close to playing their best baseball. And I’m excited at the opportunity send a team home for the 6th time in 3 years. Let that marinate for a hot second.

In other news, Jon Jay has a .410 OBP against LHP this year hence the start. I love AA in the 5th spot. Jason Heyward had some good AB’s last night. Jayv Baez did not. And Kyle Hendricks has balls the size of my head with a sinker/changeup combo to boot. Everyone knows that. Why am I telling you again? Because that’s going to shut the Nationals down. Again. It’s almost harder the more you see him because it’s so hard to figure out. I have high expectations tonight for Kyle and almost no nerves about him delivering.

First pitch in 5 minutes. Lets rock and fucking roll fellas.

1st Inning

Cubs – Jon Jay showed up tonight and thank fucking god he did because Kris Bryant has struck out 5 times in a row now. No surprise Rizzo is able to get Jon Jay home from 3rd and less than one out. Obviously I love the 1-0 lead but I also love the fact that Gio can’t have any confidence after this inning. Walk, base knock, walk with 2 outs and no one on is crippling. He looks like shit. Albers is warming up which means ITS TIME TO EAT.

Cubs 1-0

Nats – I am naming my first born Javy regardless of gender. He makes an amazing play to throw Trea Turner out at home on a 1-out grounder from Bryce Harper with Turner on 3rd. Javy is so fucking sweet. And opposite that, Ryan Zimmerman is so fucking bad. He K’s to end it.

Also, good time to talk about why it’s so awesome to watch Javy, Kyle, Rizzo, KB, Almora, Contreras, Russell, etc.

Cubs fans have been following these guys long before they got to the big leagues. I think that’s unique about being a real Cubs’ fan these days. I feel like a hipster talking about his favorite indy turned mainstream band but like legit there’s something different about having followed most of these guys for years before even making it to the MLB much less playing for the fucking pennant. Soooo point is, at 1-0, and before shit starts to really get intense let’s just take a moment to enjoy to this moment.

2nd Inning

Cubs – 1-2-3 inning from Gio with an absolutely FILTHY curve to end it on Jay. That was nasty. Pretty big inning from Gio to get through the bottom easily. That’s an inning that can pretty much let the game get away quickly. Gio was on the mound for 7 hitters in the 1st. The Nats responded with some pressure but came up empty. Gio could have been frustrated, but he didn’t let it affect him. Good on him to respond with a fast inning. That’s huge momentum.

Nats – And as I type that Murphy hits a fucking bomb to center. Fuck that guy. 1-1 ball game. Hendricks is rattled. That’s followed by a single-single-dinger combo from Rendon, Wieters, Taylor and now I’m officially puking. 4-1 Nats and there’s plenty of things I’d like to delete but I have integrity. I need to adapt. We need to adapt. It’s time to get the fuckin rally dips and cigs out.

Back in my day we used to throw the bats against the wall to wake them up when they weren’t working. One time we lit a small fire in the dugout while this weird reliever who did a lot of acid started chanting in some exotic language and then lit the lineup card on fire. Coach was pissed and we ended up losing but I’ll be damned if we didn’t have a good time building that fire in the dugout. I’m clearly distracting myself from the fact that the Cubs are down 4-1. Whatever. I just need to see some life from the boys and I need it now. Thank god Gio looks stiff. KB leads off.

3rd Inning

Cubs – KB doubles. Oh god that feels good. Rizzo goes down looking. That does not feel good. Also, not a bad time to point out that hitters like Rizzo are so good with the strike zone that their argument to the umpire is simply “if that fastball was a strike, don’t you think I’d swing at it?” And often times guys like Rizzo are correct. This was one of those times. Just absolutely fucking brutal. No other way to describe it.

Contreras responds with a 1 out walk. That’s his second walk of the night. His Venezuelan sleeves are so sweet btw. Big time move. Country over everything.

Almora then walks because of course he does bringing Jason Heyward to the plate for his second massive opportunity early in the game. Too early for Happ to pinch hit? Gio spikes a change scoring Contreras from 3rd before Heyward K’s on a 3-2 curve. Gio is trigger AF.

Nats – 1-2-3-4 inning and its time to eat some more.

4th Inning

Cubs – Kyle Hendricks is hitting! Color me shocked. He grounds out. So did Javy. And then Jon Jay pops out to give Matt Albers the easiest 1-2-3 inning of the game. Great. GOOD FOR MATT ALBERS. Guy stinks.

Nats - Hendricks double dips strikeouts before making things interesting with a single to Harper. It’s clear that’s his last inning which has me scratching my head why we literally just gave away the 4th inning before this. Like we honestly couldn’t find someone else to pitch this half inning so Schwarber could get a taste of Matt Albers? I mean give me a fucking break Joe. This is laughably bad managing. AWFUL.

5th Inning

Cubs – 2 quick outs from Bryant and Rizzo followed by an absolute PARTY on the goddamn bases from the rest of the lineup. Max Scherzer gives up 4 runs in embarrassing fashion. I am thrilled. Cubs lead 7-4. I could be at a bar getting loaded but I’m home blogging (and getting loaded) because that’s what champions do. We blog and get loaded. Rally cigar on deck for the 6th.


Nats – nothing doing.

Cubs up 7-4

6th Inning

Cubs – WOW. I am keeping my composure but WOW. Jayson Werth wtf is going on in left field? Ron Darling is throwing cover his way saying the ball got caught up in the lights but I’m not buying it. That was brutal. Cubs have no put up 7 unanswered runs which reminds everyone that we’re talking about the defending World Series champs. At the same time this has the look and feel of a 16 inch softball game and the Nationals look drunk.

Nats – this is ugly baseball from the Chicago Cubs and you should be disgusted. 4 run lead. Throw strikes. Put the ball in play. Stop being such pussies and walking fucking guys. I can’t stand this shit. It’s 8-5 and the Nationals have threats all over the place. A Daniel Murphy 2-out double makes it 8-6 and jesus christ I’m really starting to take it out on people on twitter. It’s not pretty but I’m worked up. Stay clam carl. Thanks for staying with me on this one guys. Deep breaths. 8-6 Cubs. Ride or die.

7th Inning

Cubs – Hey Kyle Schwarber’s alive and if you didn’t see it you definitely HEARD him lace the ball off the wall. Just an absolute piss-rod. Bryant beats out a double play to later score Schwarber with 1 out. Cubs add a run to make it 9-6 and we are on to the stretch. Also, 9-6 backwards is 69 and that’s awesome. Go Cubs.

Nats – I live for pressure, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself as I legitimately watch hair fall out of my head as I type this. Unbelievable. Carl Edwards has sucked magnificently this series and his comments about going to LA don’t make this any more tolerable. Q comes out from the bullpen, reluctantly I imagine, and gets 2 outs before giving up a sac fly to Harper. Then Wade Davis comes in and throws an absolute FILTHY slider to Ryan Zimmerman to strike him out. It’s 9-7 and no one is sleeping tonight. No one.

8th Inning

Cubs – idk I’m freaking out mang


Deep breaths carl.

Deep breaths everyone.

Idk what to do with my hands

9-8 good guys

9th Inning

Cubs –