Breaking: Roger Goodell's Wife Is An Internet Troll Who Created A Fake Twitter Account To Defend Roger Goodell


NYPOSTThe Wall Street Journal was curious about the Twitter account @forargument and why it seemed to always be defending NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. There’s a good explanation for it. The account was run by Goodell’s wife.

BAHAHAHA!  So that’s the who that 1 person on earth was who was defending Roger Goodell. Well that explains that. Like the 1 thing that literally every human in the galaxy can agree with is that Roger Goodell is a dishonest, evil human being. Therefore whenever I would see anybody defending him in any capacity I just assumed it was a plant.  I assumed foul play was afoot. Now we find out it was his wife. There are only 3 certainties in life. Death, taxes and Roger Goodell being shady.

PS – Shout out to the greatest plant of them all….