Cubs At Nats - 1 Team Wins, The Other Team Dies - Game 5 Live Blog

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 5.59.53 PM

Well here we are, folks. Another DC sports elimination game. Game 5. Nats vs Cubs, for all the marbles. And you know what? Fuck it, I’ll say it. I feel good about this one! I swear! I know I shouldn’t even type that because all of history tells me otherwise, but I just feel good about this one. Gio on the mound, the home crowd, the Metro open late, I love the string theory vibes this game is giving me. And if we lose, well, we went down swinging. Gave it everything we had. I’m hyped for this game. Let’s get a win one freakinnnnnnnnnn time, DC. Let’s get that W.