Appeals Court Rules Against Ezekiel Elliott Which Means He Will Likely Serve His 6-Game Suspension

So I think we are currently back to the Snip part of the Zeke suspension? Now the NFL gets to play a home game in court and Zeke will probably serve all 6 games? From everything I know about the NFL, evidence and logic don’t really exist in their player conduct rules. All these court rulings do is delay the inevitable. God I wish Roger Cossack was still at ESPN so he could tell me what to think.

Also, you can’t tell me it’s a coincidence that this ruling came down mere minutes after this bombshell was unloaded on Twitter.

The Venmo of the judge in the Zeke case is probably worth $500,000 more than it was an hour ago. Roger The Dodger doesn’t like taking that kind of heat, even though any husband with a brain lets his wife fight his battles for him.

To Zeke fantasy owners, you better pick up Alfred Morris. To fantasy owners that want to cuck the Zeke owner in your league, you better pick up Alfred Morris. Damn I wish the Giants were within 4 games of .500 to make this news truly meant something to me. Then again, any news that fucks over the Cowboys is good news to the fans of 31 NFL teams.

How Cowboys fans and Zeke fantasy owners feel right now: