Office Debate- Is Shaquille O'Neal The Most Recognizable Person On The Planet?

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If you follow any of the Barstool social accounts, you know that Shaq was at HQ yesterday. Well, not actually at HQ he was at the matcha place across the street. Unimportant. Whenever a huge celebrity is in the neighborhood it somehow makes its way upstairs generally resulting in some sort of mass exodus. And by mass exodus I mean Trent and company sprinting to the door for a photo op.


Just so you understand, Shaq’s presence almost started a riot. I walked outside and people were literally running across the street just to catch a glimpse. He didn’t even react, he just carried on with his business. It was bizarre. I almost felt bad for him until I remembered how much money he has. Guy can’t go anywhere without being recognized. Which would be fun for like a month but he’s been famous for thirty years. It must be exhausting.

At any rate, it sparked a debate within the office. Who is the most recognizable person in the world? Not famous, recognizable. It has to be Shaq, right? He’s a seven-foot-one, three-hundred-fifty-pound black man who’s been in the public eye for decades. I’m talking basketball, movies, rap songs, comedy, law enforcement, apparel, television, commercials. He has literally done it all. Not only that, he’s international. Anyone who’s ever played or heard of basketball knows about Shaq. Even if they’ve never seen him they’d be able to recognize his big ass walking down the street.

Now before you get all huffy and start listing off other “international superstars,” hear me out. Everyone can agree Bieber is famous, right? Good. But he only gets noticed because he has a million-man entourage with him everywhere he goes. If he walked around alone in a hoodie he’d blend in like everyone else. All he’d have to do is change his dress and lose the paparazzi. Same goes for every other celebrity on the planet except for the Pontiff.

Guy has #followers. Fran is verified in every language in every country in the world

AND he’s been around for like two-hundred years. Probably has another two-hundred in the tank too. Those guys last forever.

So save your Kanye’s, and Beyonce’s, and Barack’s for another debate. There is simply no other person on earth that is more recognizable that Shaqille O’Neal and if you think otherwise you’re an idiot. GOOD DAY SIR.

Take it away David!