Nobody Is Living Their Best Life More Than This NHL Penalty Box Attendant

Some men are born to become great leaders. Others are born to build great things. Everybody is put on this Earth for a reason. Unfortunately, so many people in the world miss their true calling. It’s tragic, really. But this guy right here? Well buddy was born to be in the Sin Bin and he’s doing a remarkable job at it. Just look at the joy in his face as he folds the hell out of that Gatorade towel. Perfect lines. Flattens it over the knee. It’s a form of art and he’s a Picasso. You can tell how satisfied he is with his own work when he gives that last little look down at it. The man has a gift and he’s just happy to be able to share it with the world.

Only thing I see wrong here is that he’s in the home team’s penalty box. And here’s the issue with that. You have a man of that caliber running your own penalty box at home and all of a sudden guys are going to be taking penalties every time they touch the ice. Just because they know that when they got to the box, they’ll be greeted by greatness. You think Nikita Zaitsev had to hook that guy last night? Shit no. But putting your team on the penalty kill for 2 minutes so you can use the freshest folded towel the league has to offer? That’s well worth it.

Well… worth it until something like this happens I guess. (EDIT: yeah I guess my brain wasn’t working good here. Leafs’ PP but the point remains that The Magician in the penalty box had something to do with the Devils scoring 3v5)

Devils start off the season 3-0. Only team in the East without a loss yet. Just as we all expected. (get it? because nobody expected that?)