One Last Point About This Latest Barstool Controversy

I didn’t really say this in my rant video but it’s so surreal I needed to blog it. When Elika told me she was no longer accepting our offer because of the clause she was uncomfortable with I offered to take it out or rewrite it to her approval. She told me her decision was made and the damage was done. Think about that for a second. I offered to work with her. I offered to compromise. She literally could have helped rewrite our policy handbook that she was so irate about. Like I don’t care about legal mumbo jumbo. I just want talented people. I’d never even seen the clause that bothered her before she brought it to my attention. It was written by lawyers in LA designed to protect us against a lawsuit. I don’t care that almost every comedy writer has confirmed it’s standard language for a company like ours. I was more than willing to work with her and make her feel at ease. Nope. She had none of it. Instead she ran for the hills and tattled on us when it was in her best interest and would draw the most attention to herself. If she is so sincere how does that help anybody? She had a chance to actually make a difference in her mind and decided to just bash us instead. It’s fucking insane. I don’t know how anybody could be on her side knowing this part of the story. Oh something bothers you? Let’s work together to fix it. Nope I’m just gonna trash your company instead. What a world.