Bud Light And Barstool Are Invading Alabama's Homecoming Vs. Arkansas This Weekend

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Bud Light. Barstool. ‘Bama. The trio of perfection come together as one this Saturday, October 14th, in Tuscaloosa. Not only will there be swift justice on the field vs Arkansas, but there will be casualties in the likes of cornhole, pong, and life off the gridiron at the tailgate. Join myself, Tex, and Bud Light 11 AM till kickoff for the best tailgate Alabama has ever seen. If you’re in town, come by for a whoopin’. If you’re not in town, make your way in town and come by for your whoopin’. Or we can all team up for the sake of humanity and whoop up on Tex. Whatever works. 11am. Good Bud Lights and better times will be had by all. Roll Tide!

PS – Tex attempted an illiterate version of this post that one day I pray sees the light of day. All we needed was a very simple, press release type blog that announced we were invading Alabama and hosting the best tailgate party in campus history…and Tex devolved it into a manifesto on how the world was going to burn if it didn’t show him respect. It was something not of this Earth.