Did I Just Convince Steven Strasburg To Take The Mound Today?


Did the Pres do it again or did the Pres do it again!   Listen I’m not saying the ONLY reason Steven Strasburg is starting today is because of me but I’m not saying it’s not the only reason he’s starting.  The facts are I wrote a blog RIPPING him for not taking the ball.   Another fact is that the most important and best player in MLB is his teammate Bryce Harper who also happens to be a card carrying member of “Team Portnoy”   You don’t have to be Inspector Gadget to connect the dots.  Bryce Harper clearly read my blog.  He silently nodded his head in agreement and then walked over to Steven Strasburg and showed him what the Internet was saying about him.  Two seconds later he is announced as the starter.   God damn it’s great to be a gansta.   Live Look at the Pres…