Apparently It's David Price's Fault That John Farrell Got Fired, Because Of Course It Is


We’re putting this on David Price too? What else has gone wrong this year that people can blame David Price for? You get a divorce? Have a house fire? Burn some fucking toast? Where does it end with what people try and blame David Price for?

I’m obviously a David Price guy and I have been since he got here. He had a slow start (7 starts, to be exact) but since then he’s been as advertised, yet people hate him because he doesn’t suck fan dick and makes a lot of money. That’s fine, I guess. It’s to be expected, you can puff out your chest and say how proud you are that Boston is a tough place to play, but this is insane.

Over the last year David Price’s largest transgressions were:

– He was mean to Eck. That was fucked up and I won’t disagree. But at some point you have to stop whining about how mean a grown man was to another grown man. They don’t like each other and Price went a little overboard, get over it.

– He got an injury that would cause literally every other pitcher in the world to shut it down for the season and get Tommy John surgery. That’s what Dr. James Andrews told him. Dr. Andrews said, “David, you’re a superhero. You’re wolverine. If this was anyone else they’d need surgery but you have a bionic elbow and it fixed itself.” So, instead of surgery David Price came back and was absolutely dominant for the Boston Red Sox out of the pen and extended the season for them in game 3. He was roasted for being an expensive bullpen guy despite the whole, ya know, devastating injury thing. People acted like he was put in the pen because he couldn’t hack it as a starter and not because he was powering through an elbow injury.

– After that game 3, he didn’t take the ball to start game 4 the next afternoon. That was really fucked up. Super pussy shit.

– Now? Apparently he’s on the hook for getting John Farrell fired. The starting pitcher, who was injured for most of the year, is responsible for getting a manager who was most consistently criticized for his in-game decisions fired. I didn’t hear a whole lot of bitching about John Farrell’s clubhouse management, I did hear it incessantly about how he managed a game. Did the clubhouse like David Price more? Yeah, I’m sure they did. Everywhere David Price has ever gone he’s hailed as a great clubhouse guy. He hits bloop singles that inspire reactions like this.

But it’s David Price’s fault that the clubhouse likes him more than they like their manager with shitty communication skills? Get the fuck out of town. David Price being likable in the clubhouse didn’t lead the Red Sox to two early postseason exits, John Farrell’s managing did.

Honestly I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here, or that I’m missing something obvious, yet I’ve asked around the office and not a soul can tell me why this would be on David Price aside from the fact that everyone blames everything in their life on David Price. It’s banana town.