Missing Two-Year-Old Found In The Middle Of A Field........With A Good Boy By His Side

STEARNS COUNTY, Minn.—A 2-year-old Minnesota boy has been found safe after the family’s dog played a key role in assisting authorities with the search. The 2-year-old went missing on Thursday evening, Oct. 5, after wandering off from the farmyard he and his siblings were playing in near Richmond, Minn. According to a release from the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department, the boy’s grandmother came outside to check on this kids and could not find the boy. The family searched the farmyard for about 30 minutes before contacting the Sheriff’s Office about 6:17 p.m., the release said. An initial search of the general area by a local deputy yielded no results, according to the release. Multiple K-9 officers were then called out to the area, including two bloodhounds certified in searching for lost people, the release said. Those searches also turned up empty.

A State Patrol helicopter arrived on scene at about 8:10 p.m., the release said. A State Patrol pilot located the boy and his dog about 9:30 p.m. using the helicopter’s camera that picks up on heat signatures. The pilot then directed ground searchers to the boy’s location, where they found him and his dog safe.

Just a feel good Wednesday so far. Clem blogged the little girl finding out that she had been adopted and now this. A good boy standing by his two-year-old pal in the middle of the field after he got lost. Things are bad. Things are terrible. Things are the worst. But not all things. Good thing can still happen and me and my jolly friend Clem are here to shine a light on those things.  I will say, and I don’t wanna shame any dogs, but what the hell were those blood hounds doing? They couldn’t find him? Do your job. Blood hounds are trained for this shit. You don’t give up after a couple hours. You get out there and you find that fucking kid. They’re lucky another dog came through and saved the day otherwise it would’ve been a bad PR day for good boys. But of course one of them rose to the occasion and made it happen.