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Lakers Rookie Kyle Kuzma May Have Put Down The Nastiest Spin Of The Season And It Hasn't Even Started Yet

That’s what we call elder abuse. Kuzma’s only twenty-two so he doesn’t know any better but my God. Doing that to a thirty-three year old man is unethical. Sefolosha should start looking into careers at Enterprise. That eighth grade rec defense isn’t going to hold up during the regular season. Although to be fair, no one expects a spin move at full speed. Any normal human who tries to spin that fast is going to twist their leg clean off. The Lakers ended up losing but not before Kuzma dropped eighteen in twenty-nine minutes of play. Granted, it’s the preseason and none of it matters but it’s impressive none the less. We’ll see what he can do next Thursday against the Clippers with DeAndre clogging up the middle.

Ps, I don’t know what’s going on with Mark Jackson but he better get it together for the regular season. Guy didn’t even react. Give me something- “momma there goes that man,” “allow me to have this dance.” He must be saving it for the vets.   Take it away Mark!