I Refuse To Believe That Steven Strasburg Isn’t Pitching Today Because He Has A Cold


So I was waiting all night last night for Nate self proclaimed “best blogger at Barstool”  to talk about this. That Steven Strasburg wasn’t pitching Game 4 because he had a cold. That despite the rain out Dusty Baker was sticking with Tanner Roark. He finally got around to blogging it today and Nate seems to be okay with this? Now there is a ton of he said she said on why he’s not pitching, but I think it’s pretty obvious Strasburg doesn’t want the ball. If he did he’d have it. I don’t know how sick he is or any of the exact details. I just know this. He has to pitch. I don’t care whether you need to wheel him out to the mound. I don’t care whether he gets shelled. He needs to man up and take the ball. He’s your ace. He’s been arguably the best pitcher in baseball down the stretch. He has full rest. He needs to give it a go. This is where legends are made. Curt Schilling, Michael Jordan etc. You take the fucking mound if you have an ounce of competitive spirit or pride. If I were a Nats fan or his teammates I’d be furious. You owe it to yourself and your city to give it a go. Do you know how many days I’ve blogged sick because my guys needed me? Infinity days.  Too many to remember. That’s when champions are made. And I’m telling you every player in the Nats clubhouse feels the same way. If Tanner Roark gets the start today which it appears he will ,the Nats season is officially over before the first pitch is thrown. Book it.