This Hail Storm Raising Havoc In Johannesburg Is CRAZY

Nothing like watching Mother Nature get her superbitch on and shit hail all over a defenseless pool. I’ll admit that this isn’t a typical Barstool blog, but my interest in the weather has gone up exponentially since I became a dad. I don’t know how it happens, but once you plant your seed, followed by your life unofficially ending 9 months later, your love for a well-cut lawn, birds of prey, and the doppler radar increases by a billion percent. Your brain has to look completely different from before your kid is born to after your kid is born and snatches part of your soul.

But the sneaky craziest part of this video isn’t the marvel of nature unleashing chaos or the pool that looks like it’s boiling. It’s the sorry son of a bitch under the table trying to avoid getting decapitated by hail the size of his head.

The ultimate pickle. Even Benny The Jet was in a better situation when The Beast was chasing his ass down Main Street. And I know exactly what is going through this poor bastard’s head during this video because every Giants fan feels like on Twitter this season when the GMen play a primetime game. A mix of fear, hopelessness, and wishing everything would end soon.