Us Against The World: Game Five Yankees Vs. Indians For All The Marbles

Divisional Round - Cleveland Indians v New York Yankees - Game Four

First order of business….



Join us starting at 7:30 at The Ainsworth which is on 26th street between 6th and 7th avenue. We’ve got $3 domestic drafts, $4 wine, $5 well drinks and a shot special for every Yankees run. Our Game 2 watch party was absolutely electric and I expect nothing but the same tonight. Let’s do this thing.

Tonight is a true us against the world moment. Every Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays, Mets, Phillies fan will band together and root with all the will in their body for the Yankees lose. They don’t wanna see the Evil Empire survive tonight. The only people that are rooting for New York tonight are Yankees fans and that’s the only way I want it.

Tonight the New York Yankees will play their fourth elimination game in a week’s time. They’ve battled back against the best team in baseball to force a do or die game five in the ALDS and seemingly have swung the momentum on their side. The bats are clicking, and their pitcher’s have been lights out the last two games. Well, all of that gets thrown out the window tonight. Corey Kluber is on the mound tonight for the Indians and he doesn’t have two bad games in a row.

On April 15th Kluber got lit up by the Tigers for six runs in six innings. He rebounded from that with a complete game shutout against the White Sox.

On July 29th he gave up four runs and nine hits in six innings against the White Sox. He responded with back to back complete game, one run, 11 strikeout efforts.

So if you think Kluber is gonna get knocked around again like in Game Two you’re mistaken. If he does I’ll be the happiest person in the world to be wrong. But there’s a reason he’s the runaway CY Young at this point. He’s a robot.

The Yankees will need to play small ball all night long to scratch and claw enough runs across to win this baseball game. CC Sabathia has to give us four to five innings of one run ball. Any more than that and I honestly think it’ll be too much of a hole to dig out of. The good thing for the Yankees is that the bullpen is essentially as rested as it possibly could be (thank you Severino). Everyone is available for two innings tonight except for Tommy Kahnle, probably, although it wouldn’t shock me if he’s throwing fire again and they just leave him in until his arm falls off. I would expect a similar bullpen game like the Wild Card tonight. I think the ideal formula to a Yankees victory is:

CC for 4
Chad Green for 2
Kahnle for 1
Robertson for 1
Chapman for the 9th

Who is the DH?

The lineup will be exactly like the same except for hopefully the DH role. I need Matt Holliday in the lineup tonight. You know the guy is itching to play and he’s been in games like this his whole life. Chase Headley is currently an automatic out along with Ellsbury. Gun to my head who do I play from those two? You go with Ellsbury cause he has good numbers against Kluber, but I want Ellsbury in a pinch-running role tonight. This game is going to be tight late (hopefully) and we’re going to need a stolen base. Jacoby Ellsbury is the only one I want in that spot. The ONLY ONE.

I’m gonna be nervous as fuck until 8:08 happens. I’m gonna be pacing. I’m gonna be talking to myself. I’m gonna go on YouTube and watch tons of inspirational Yankee comebacks. I’m gonna watch Tommy Kahnle’s five strikeouts in Game Four because those fire me the fuck up. Us against the world baby.