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Mike Leach Ranted About the College Football Playoff and How There Should be 64 Teams Not Four

In this week’s episode of “What’s Bothering Mike Leach?” Mike went on a rant about the college football playoff system. He’s upset that literally every other playoff system has more teams and has set requirements for you to be in the playoffs. Whether it’s high school, pee-wee, any lower divisions of college, or the NFL they all have around eight or more teams that qualify for the playoffs that decide a champion. Mike wants 64 teams, but will settle for 16, but nothing less.

Listening to Leach go through each football league and sarcastically rip the NCAA playoff committee to shreds is pure gold. He’s not wrong. There’s no reason that the playoff system should be limited to four teams. For most teams, one loss still ends your season. If we have eight, then that’s not necessarily the case. Washington State likely has to go undefeated to make the playoffs and that’s bullshit considering the wins they’ve put on the board already. All expanding the playoff system does it create more money for the greedy rat fucks who run the NCAA. It makes everything more enjoyable and more exciting. Mike Leach could not be more right here, as he is with just about anything. Is 64 an impossible and extreme number? Yes, but 16 isn’t crazy. At minimum there should be reasonably eight teams that make it.

He then compared road games to prank phone calls which was….something

He lost me…but I trust in whatever he’s saying is correct. Mike Leach is a national treasure. I kinda wish he had a podcast and just rambled on about anything he wanted to say.