The Vegas Golden Knights Home Opener Tributes Were Just As Emotional As You'd Imagine

Pretty much said all I had to say about tonight in my blog earlier today about the Knights having #VegasStrong along the boards instead of advertisements. This is a huge night for the city of Las Vegas, a city that is still trying to come to terms with the evil that took place last Sunday night. But just like every city here in America, they’re a resilient bunch and won’t let fear control their lives. So shoutout to the Golden Knights for giving the people of Las Vegas a platform to show their resiliency. Incredible moments all around here. The heroes, first responders walking out with the players. The moment of silence for all the victims. The survivors taking part in the ceremonial puck drop. Everything was as powerful as it could possibly be.

And to make it all better, the Golden Knights are already up 3-0 and are on their way to being the first expansion team in league history to start off their inaugural season with 3 straight wins.


What a night. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, folks. Sports are awesome.