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Butch Jones Drops Two New 'Butchisms' Involving Winning Bye Weeks And Leadership Reps

Butch Jones is a dead man walking at this point. The Tennessee coach is leading the Volunteers to yet another disappointing season, but not without some inspiring words for the masses.

That’s right folks. Tennessee may be 2-2 in the record books, including a 45-point loss to Georgia and a 4 point win against UMass (people forget this), but they are 1-0 in their bye weeks this year. I’m sure the Tennessee booster, who owns a car dealership in Knoxville (every booster in CFB is a real-life version of Buddy Garrity and you can’t tell me otherwise), will add in an extra $50,000 when sending in his donation this year knowing Butch Jones led his team to a victory against the vaunted top-10 ranked bye week.

Wait, what’s that? Tennessee didn’t even win their bye week? Butch Jones is lying?!?

If “one of the best bye weeks” you’ve had involves a player kicking your top 2017 recruit in the FACE what were the other bye weeks like?!?

Amazing. It’s like Butch Jones decided to go all meta/self-aware on us and do an SNL skit of himself. I want to call him a football guy, but this coach talk is something not even a veteran beat reporter, who has covered coach after coach, has seen. Truly phenomenal.

If you are new to Butchism, here’s a quick definition: avoiding reality by preaching nonsense, which would make a top self-help author jealous, to yourself on a large platform. Here are some other examples.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.42.06 AM

Here’s the thing I think most people are missing on Butch: we need to value what we have before it’s gone. Yes, he isn’t a great football coach and is doing very little with top recruiting classes. But you and I are going to miss Butch Jones next year when he is preaching these Butchisms to a depressed beat reporter at Texas State and nobody is reporting on them. You never know what you got until it’s gone.

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