Sometimes You Just Gotta Leave Your Kid In The Car While You Make A Quick Jail Visit

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Everyone knows I love a good “kid left in a car for an absolute batshit reason” story. I’ve long made a career off blogging about them. Here are some examples of said blogs, where kids have been left in a car so the parent can:

Ride rides at the state fair

Eat dinner with his smokeshow girlfriend

Attend court for leaving her kids in the hot car and then leave her kids in the hot car at the court house

Drink on Mother’s Day

Attend a wine tasting

Get her makeup done on a 16 degree day

Go to the casino

Go to the sex store

Get blacked out drunk

Shop at Walmart with her kids in the trunk

And now we can add one more to the list, and it’s a good one:

NYP - A Florida woman visiting a prisoner at an Orange County jail Sunday ended up behind bars herself after she allegedly left her 2-year-old daughter locked inside a car in 110-degree heat.

Rachel Etienne, 21, left her daughter sitting in her car with the engine off while Etienne was visiting someone at the jail in Orlando, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

The toddler was in the car for about 20 minutes with the heat index at 110 degrees, police said.

Ohhhhhh hell yeah! Leaving the kid in the car while you visit an inmate in jail, that’s a hall of fame move right there. Other mothers could only wish they had the brain our girl Rachel has. I mean it’s just a quick pop into the jail for some pleasantries, how much damage could possibly happen to the 2 year old in 110 degree heat? I love that it’s at the jail too. Usually they need to take the mother from a bar or a Walmart and bring them to the jail, this lady brought herself to the jail and simply cut out the middle man. Efficiency like you read about.

This is an all time leaving your kid in a hot car move. A jail. I don’t know how it’ll be topped, but if the above 15 blogs that I linked to tell me something, it’s that it most certainly will be. You don’t know when or how, but it will be and it will be glorious.