Last Night In The NBA: More James Harden Madness


Welcome back to Last Night In The NBA where we catch you up on everything you may have missed from the night before in the NBA. With preseason winding down, we’re seeing some teams rest players, and other look more than ready for the season to start. There were a total of 8 games last night so let’s not waste any time

Pistons 107 Pacers 97

Should Pistons fans be slightly concerned about Avery and his sprained ankle, maybe, but in the meantime they were able to take their mind off it with a win that actually closer than the score indicates. The Pistons had 7 players in double figures and really it was the Boban/Reggie Jackson show. Each had 14 points, and Jackson was pretty effective off Boban screens

Ish Smith was also pretty solid with 14/9 of his own as the Pistons shot 49.4% from the floor as a team. They won this game because of their second half, with back to back 30+ point quarters. Oh and remember how I talked about DET’s defense? Another team under 100 never hurts.

For the Pacers aside from Big Al and his 12/6, no other Pacers starter really did anything. Sort of hard when Lance, Bogdanovic, and Oladipo don’t play. Sadly not even their Twitter account put out highlights.

Heat 109 Hornets 106

It feels like the Heat are always in close preseason games, this time pulling out the nail biter. Kelly Olynyk out of nowhere with a 13/12/4 performance on 4-7 shooting to go along with Whitesides 11/11, the MIA frontcourt was no joke.

There were also some high flying dunks


And if you watched this game as a Heat fan, you had to be happy with how they executed down the stretch

This was a fun one.

For CHA, at least they had Monk

Hawks 99 Grizzlies 88

What are the ROY odds for John Collins? He is looking GOOD


It’s going to be a rough year for ATL, we should at least let them celebrate a high flying rookie

For MEM, they didn’t score much, but when they did, it came off beautiful passes


Celtics 113 Sixers 96

I don’t have to tell you, you know the full blog is coming, but I will say this. The Celtics second unit is a playoff team. Period.

Rockets 117 Knicks 95

I am fully aware it’s the Knicks so you have to take this with a grain of salt, but Houston continues to be the best team I watch this preseason. This time, with CP3 resting, it was the full on James Harden Show

36/11/9. Yeah, he’s ready for the season. Now it wouldn’t be a Rockets game without them going stupid from deep, which they did by hitting 11 threes in the first half

You know who else continues to look great for them that nobody is really talking about? Eric Gordon. Another game with 4 made threes, if he’s healthy again this season, watch out.

For the Knicks, you had your moments too!


Mavericks 99 Magic 96

Dallas is another team that always seems to be playing these close preseason games, and I don’t hate it one bit. ANything to give these fake games a little more spice is good with me. As expected, rookie Dennis Smith Jr gave us more reasons to think he might be the steal of the draft

A pretty full stat sheet for him. Honest question, how jealous do we think Nerlens is of the Embiid deal? I mean, he’s actually playing!


Mavs are 3-1 by the way.

For Orlando, since most of their “good” players were out, it was DJ Augustine time baby! He responded with 24/5 and 6 made threes.

Jazz 120 Suns 102

By this point in the night, only the true basketball loving losers were probably up watching it, and if you didn’t you missed some good stuff. For example, UTA rookie Donovan Mitchell did things with a solid 17/4, which would have been the best PG performance of the night for the Jazz if Rubio didn’t have 20 of his own on 8-10 shooting. He also did Rubio passing things

For the Suns, they got blown out, but they are going to be one of the teams on League Pass that are still fun to wtach even though they rarely win


Aside from Jackson’s 7 TOs the Suns starters played pretty well, with everyone but Bledsoe in double figures. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for their bench, or their defense but that’s OK. Still fun to watch

Trail Blazers 97 Kings 83

Portland is another team I’m starting to get excited about after watching them this preseason. Nurkic led the way with 16/7, and while their backcourt had a rough night shooting the ball, anytime you have plays like this, I’m on your side

That was absolutely beautiful

Also, don’t sleep on Nate’s dude Jake Layman!


Guy is a real life microwave. Put him in and instantly he gives you buckets.

Oh, and RIPIP for Justin Jackson’s ankles. YEEEEEEESH

For SAC, they rested a bunch of guys, but they got decent performances from Jackson/Mason III

And that should have you all caught up with everything that happened last night in the NBA. There are 6 more games tonight, so make sure to check back here tomorrow for anything you may have missed!