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Drunk "Lawyer" Goes On Racist Rant On The Subway Dropping N-Bombs

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 8.03.23 AM

There’s some hard N-bombs in the video.

Classic case of “can” and “should” here. Can you go on the subway looking like a rat-faced fuck and screaming the N-word over and over? Sure. Should you? Nah. Can you scream about how you went to NYU Law and then make a fool of yourself? Absolutely. Should you? No. You know why? Because you’ll be separated from your bag and screaming about your property and getting a big ole bowl of soup in the face! Very frustrating to get your property taken away from you and being covered in delicious soup!

As a lawyer who graduated from NYU, he should know that no one took his bag. He was simply separated from his bag and the crowd didn’t part for him in order to get his bag. Very unfair but very legal. At least they offered him a free meal, though. Credit to the crowd for taking the high road. Offering someone a meal who is being mean and racist is about as kind as you can be.