Ben Wallace is Going To Jail For 2 Days, Wait What?




HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Former NBA and Virginia Union University basketball star Ben Wallace entered a plea of no contest after he was arrested Tuesday for leaving the scene of a February car crash. Wallace received a one year jail sentence. The Henrico County judge suspended all but two days of the sentence. Wallace started serving his two day sentence Tuesday. “It’s kind of light for a situation like that,” said Tim Olive who lives near the scene of where the crash happened.

CBS 6 Legal Expert, Todd Stone said it may sound like a light sentence, but Wallace’s punishment is not unreasonable. “This looks like the type of situation you would see when a prosecutor could have difficulty proving a case, and they’re trying to work out some plea agreement that’s kind of right in the middle,” said Stone. Last month a SUV registered to Wallace slammed into a fence outside a home off Gaskins Rd. and Peppertree Dr. in Henrico’s West End. “It was dark, but it’s clear from here I saw one person trying to fight to get out of the car,” homeowner Silverio Acosta said in an interview last month. Once the man got out of the SUV, Acosta said he saw the man pick up and smash pieces of wood against the fence “because he was angry.”



First of all I think I’m the last person in the world to know that Ben Wallace was going to jail. I admit I don’t keep up on former Bulls that were a colossal bust but still, huge whiff on my part. Could you even imagine if someone at the bar was like hey Big Cat, what do you think Ben Wallace is up to these days and I didn’t know the answer was jail? Egg all over my face. Most embarrassing moment of my life.



Now to the important part of this story, the 2 day jail sentence. I know this may sound silly but as long as my permanent record wasn’t forever tarnished I think I would take a 2 day jail stint tomorrow. That’s the perfect amount of time. It’s not staying over a night in the drunk tank and it’s not life in jail. It’s the exact sweet spot. 2 days. All the street cred and none of the hassle of actually being in prison. 3 days, no thanks that’s WAY too long, but 2 days, gimme. I want to be ex-convict Big Cat and just conveniently leave out the fact that I was a convict for a short weekend.  Probably even get a neck tattoo to commemorate my days behind bars.





Remember when the Bulls signed Ben Wallace and there was that billboard on 90/94 signifying the huge signing? Great times!