RG3 Was Having Vietnam-Esque Flashbacks Watching Sam Bradford Tonight


I could kinda just end the blog there. Just so sad of a tweet. RG3 is at home in his jammies, probably just tucked his kid into bed, popped some popcorn, and then sees Sam Bradford a snap away from blowing out his knee. Flashbacks for days from our guy Rob. Ol’ Bobby G 3 knows that feeling all too well. He knows what it’s like to be left out there for the wolves, your knee teetering on exploding like an atom bomb. And he certainly has learned from the mistakes. He knew Bradford shouldn’t have been out there. Was having flashbacks to that playoff game that I would rather not discuss where he tore his knee 14 different times in 22 different way. If only we could have that back. Oh what could have been. Miss you, Robert.