Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer 2 Rapid Reaction

It took until about 10:30 for the biggest event of Monday to occur. No not the baseball playoffs, Monday Night Football, or the Bruins home opener game. I am talking about the unveiling of the latest Last Jedi trailer! As always, Barstool’s R2D2 and C-3PO will tag team this bitch. I am going to do a rapid reaction with some quick thoughts and Robbie is going to give a quick video reaction followed by a frame-by-frame Robbie Fox signature blog. Onto my thoughts.

– Disney may call ESPN promoting Star Wars during halftime of Monday Night Football synergy. But I call this blowing yourself.

– I think everyone on the planet thought/hoped that it was Jon Gruden in that Storm Trooper outfit, with him waxing poetic about how great of a leader Supreme Leader Snoke is and how he “loves this guy KY-LO REN”. Unfortunately is was probably some intern that was pissing himself the entire time.

– Based on simply the music and common sense, this will be the darker of the new trilogy. Or maybe that’s just what I really hope. Regardless, I loved how they set the scene for this battle to likely be the big land battle of the movie. I said this in my rapid reaction to the first trailer and it looks like it will be the case based on this trailer.

– Crazy that they had Luke say nothing in The Force Awakens, very little in the first trailer, and then he wouldn’t shut up in this trailer. Oh yeah and his voice STINKS.

– Hardoooooooooo!!!!!

– Ol’ fuccboi is back! This time with weird metallic scars that I actually dig.


– Will metallic scars be the new robotic hands in the Star Wars universe? Only time will tell!

– And not only is Klyo back, but he’s flying a starfighter in battle while looking like some nerd playing X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter in his parent’s basement for hours on end (I’m allowed to say that since I used to be a nerd that played X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter in my parents basement for hours on end).

– Speaking of starfighters, I love the way the updated ships look. Not sure why it surprises me, but they could have wheeled out the same old ships from the last trilogy and I don’t think it would have upset me one bit. But I’m happy they didn’t do that.


– I know Lucasfilms would never make another Jar Jar type mistake again. And these little fuckers are cute. But damn if this doesn’t seem like a bit of Jar Jar comedic “relief” as well as potential Top 10 meme of the winter.


– However I want to put myself on the record that I most certainly fuck with ice dogs.


– I loved seeing Pussyface Snoke and Rey in the same room under hostile conditions as well as Kylo and Rey in the same room under peaceful conditions, even though that could just be misdirection like a few other snippets we see. I loved seeing Fin and Phasma battling each other, even though I hate these fake ass lightsabers. Either give me real lightsaber battles or give me blasters and spaceships. I don’t give a fuck about those other weapons.

Also we got a new poster tonight:


– Chewie standing by himself hit me with the subtleness a baseball bat to the face. That’s just not right. The Millennium Falcon both better survive the next two movies or we riot.

– Leia being in the middle is interesting. I always thought she would be much more of a tertiary character heading into these movies. It sounds cold, but I hope Carrie Fisher’s death really didn’t fuck up what happens in Episode IX. The whole Kylo mom + OG head of the rebels thing seems kind of hard to write around. Then again, I write for a smut blog not a kabillion dollar movie franchise. I think JJ can figure it out.

– I said this to Robbie the other day and I stand by it. I don’t give a fuck about Poe and don’t think I will ever give a fuck about Poe. And if we are being honest, even Fin is kinda meh to me unless he’s talking to BB-8. Maybe I need to watch Force Awakens again, but that is how I feel.

– Seeing R2 on the poster still gets the blood pumping where it matters. Easily the most important character of the Star Wars saga and I don’t think there is even a close number 2.

Robbie’s video reaction is up and a frame-by-frame super nerdy blog way above my fandom capacity will be up ASAP.