"Another One Bites The Dusty" - Barstool Trent

Man oh man what a blower of a game. Such a bizarre loss. And shout out to Trent for the title. Fire title.

First, props to Max. Took a no hitter into the 7th, before being pulled after giving up his first hit. Lots of people were clowning Dusty for this decision, but be aware it was the plan all along to not push Scherzer because of his injury. He was always going to go 100 or so pitches, and he went 98. Just a tremendous performance coming off injury. Now, why Dusty went to Solis there, I’ll never know.

And then the Rizzo at bat. I don’t know how you don’t walk him there with first base open. Walk him and bring in Madson to face Contreras, it’s not that difficult. Then on the blooper that scored the game winning run, Michael A Taylor has to make a play on that ball. Werth it too slow to get to it, so MAT has to dive for that thing. All in all, just a terrible play by all parties involved.

It doesn’t help that the Nats aren’t getting any hits. 3 hits ain’t gonna do it. Trea, Rendon, Murph, Werth, and Wieters are a combined 3/39 this series. Bryce is 2/8. Not great! Need some offense. Tomorrow is the big game vs Mr. Jake Arrieta. Win and bring it home, lose and lots of people tweet me about how the Nats have never won a playoff series.