Sixers Give Joel Embiid 5-Year Max Contract Extension Worth $148+ Million #TrustTheProcess

ESPN – Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid has agreed to a five-year, $148 million designated rookie scale maximum contract extension, league sources told ESPN. The designated exception — termed “the super-max” — allows Embiid to earn a higher percentage of the salary cap — and potentially millions of dollars more — if he meets criteria, including, making All-NBA teams or the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. If Embiid meets the super-max criteria, he could earn an as much as $178 million on the contract, league sources said.

All the Shirley Temples on JoJo! EXTRA GRENADINE!

Welp, if we weren’t 100% about The Process yet, we definitely are now. I can hear all the haters and their whore mothers stating the obvious cliches and hot takes. “He got paid how much even though he’s made of glass held together by paper mache?!?!? He hasn’t even played a full season yet?!?!?! Also, Mom, get that dick out of your mouth. We’re at the dinner table.” And I get it. The man has only played 31 games in 3 years, all of which were from last season. But you can’t Trust This Process half-cocked. You gotta be fully loaded. Either you’re all-in, or you’re all out. And the Sixers have shown they’re clearly invested in Joel Embiid to be their future. Just listen to how they talk about JoJo. Brett Brown constantly describes him as pure sex:


So, yeah. We’re seeing this Process to the promised land, or till death do us part. Can’t go back. Won’t go back. Also, love how they say Joel “Agreed” to the deal. Yeah, like really needed to be held down and convinced to take on the maximum amount of money, enough to start his own fucking SpaceX program if he wanted. It should say he “Creamed” to the deal. Now do me a favor and don’t shatter your shit this year PLEASE CUE THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP!