It was definitely an interesting weekend in college hockey. College hockey is great, but the one thing I don’t really understand is why different teams start their seasons weeks apart. The Ivy league still hasn’t started their season and they won’t for over a week. Nerds always think they are better than everyone else, it’s pretty annoying to be honest.

Any who, here are this weeks rankings:

  1. BU
  2. Denver
  3. Minnesota
  4. Providence
  5. Minnesota Duluth
  6. Notre Dame
  7. Harvard
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Penn State
  10. Northeastern

BU remains atop the rankings with the #1 seed after wins over Union and Quinnipiac, they are big, fast and can score goals all while having one of the best goalies in college hockey on the back end.

UMD went from unranked to #5 this week after beating Casey Mittelstadt and the #3 ranked Gophers.I was worried about all the experience Duluth lost last season, but clearly they have the guys to step in and play, and play well.

Wisco moved up a spot to #8 this week with big wins over Ohio State and Michigan Tech. And I may hear it from people about putting Northeastern at #10 after not being ranked last week, but I had the chance to watch NU play this weekend and while they were only playing Sacred Heart, that team can score, scoring 23 goals so far in just 2 games and an exhibition.

It was tough to keep UNH off the list after a big weekend sweep over UMass Lowell, It really came down to Penn State, UNH, or North Dakota for #9. PSU fell to Clarkson to start the year, then followed up with a nice 4-1 win over St. Lawrence. North Dakota beat and tied Alaska Anchorage, so it was hard to keep them off, but they’ll see Minnesota in a few weeks so we’ll see how good they actually are.

Overall, great first full weekend of college hockey.