Whoever Thought It'd Be Funny To Install Fake Breaking Glass On A Glass Bridge Should Be Shot

I don’t know if this is real. I get mixed feelings every time I watch it. The reaction of the guy on the bridge certainly seems fake but almost so fake that it might be a real reaction. Like how else are you supposed to react to a glass bridge breaking under your feet? I don’t know how I would react. Well that’s not true. I honestly think I would piss and shit my pants simultaneously. There would just be urine and feces spread out all along the glass bridge. A real nasty scene. The shocking part of the video if how no one else reacted. Like at all. People just kept going on about their day like they weren’t in a potentially life threatening situation. Real or not, fuck the person who decided this would be funny. Shoot them. No trial. No jury. No judge. Shoot them. Right in the head. Or better yet, make a super fragile glass bridge just for them. Like when they would exile people in The Dark Knight Rises. that type of fragility and make them walk across. We’ll see how funny it is then.