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The Justice League Unite As Heroes In Latest Badass Trailer

You may be saying, “Hey Bob. Of course they’re heroes. This is a superhero movie. Sup with your whack ass headline pal?”, but I’m actually referencing the use of the David Bowie song “Heroes” in this trailer, so kick rocks. Or something.

I’m a huge apologist of the DC Extended Universe films. It’s just something I have to get out of the way early, like letting you know I have a few kids on our first date. I love Man Of Steel. I love Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I like Suicide Squad. I love Wonder Woman. I will acknowledge that all of those movies (aside from Wonder Woman) are pretty atrociously made pieces of shit (Suicide Squad especially, what the hell was that third act?!). I do think both Man of Steel and BvS get bad raps, and the haters and loser of the world just want to see the world burn, but if they’re not your cup of tea, I get it. They’re bad.


I loved it. I loved all three minutes of it which is definitely way too long. I loved the dramatic Bowie cover that was so obviously piggybacking on the marketing of Guardians of the Galaxy/Suicide Squad. I loved the weird and kinda shitty CGI. I loved the actually good comedy that was possibly forced to make everyone understand they’re trying to be lighthearted with this one! Best part though?


There is a weird dynamic with Superman though, because he’s announced for the movie already, so we’re kinda just waiting around for him to return from the dead the whole time? Hopefully we get a Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter reveal to even out the underwhelming return of Superman (if it is underwhelming).