Hot Mic Catches Alan Hahn And Wally Szczerbiak "Talking Shit" About Kristaps Porzingis

Am I the only person that thinks this video is being way overblown? The Twitterverse and New York papers seem to think this is some really fucked up stuff. I’ll admit that when I saw the what the video was about, I was expecting Hahn and Sczreklwjrlkwejrwbiak to be calling Kristaps a big ol’ Latvian pussy or something (we already know how much Kristaps hates being called the P word). Nah, they were saying that he had a shitty game in the preseason with the numbers to back it up and should be held accountable for it. That’s what those guys are actually paid to do. Not every hot mic situation is as scandalous as Bobby Durst admitting he murdered a couple of folks or someone on the Barstool Electric Chair forgetting to wash their hands after they take a piss live on the internet. I didn’t watch the game or the postgame show because I went to the Meadowlands to watch the Giants season literally and figuratively die yesterday. But I imagine those points are exactly what Hahn and Wally brought up once the cameras were back on.

The only bad thing about Melo leaving the Knicks (other than the players/contracts they got back for him) was that the honeymoon is over for KP in New York. Now he’s going to be the guys the New York media goes after whenever anything goes wrong, whether it’s fair or unfair. Get used to everything bad to somehow come back to the 7’3″ human glitch that is way too good for this franchise. That’s just how shit works here in this concrete jungle of misery. The media and fans will build you up until you get big and then tear you down unless you win a championship. If you win a title, you basically are gucci for life. But until that happens, you are going to hear the chirps from all angles regardless of if the mics are hot or cold.

On a related note, I can’t believe the 2017 Knicks may end up actually being the least disappointing out of my three professional sports teams. What a disastrous year for Mets/Giants fan gypsies.