This Tennis Hardo Is the Most Hilariously Confident Person In The History of the World

“Today after I win my first point, I’m gonna let out a huge come on, a huge fist bump, and I’ll be staring straight at my opponent, and I’ll be looking straight into his eyes, seeing fear.”

Just some shit straight out of Braveheart, except it’s about a first round tennis match against some scrub in some shitty tournament. Hell, it might not even be a sanctioned match. This guy might just be strolling up to a park and challenging an old man who’s hitting the ball against the wall for some exercise.

“Today I’m gonna break this guy’s backhand down. I don’t care if it takes 15 balls, 20 ball,…2 balls. Let’s go Rick. You’re the fucking best. Let’s go.”

Let’s see how it played out for him Cotton.

Not so hot…

Couldn’t pull off the comeback James McManus. That’s a tough third set tie break to lose after a speech like that. All good, every setback is a platform for a major comeback. Just get ‘em next time. One piece of advice…stop holding your phone like a serial killer. Dude, what is that!

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.18.58 AM

Next stop for James McManus?