Here's All The Proof You Need That Hockey Fans Are Tougher Than Football Fans

So big story over the past 24 hours has been the video of Oakland Raiders OL Donald Penn coming about 6.5 seconds away from beating the shit out of a “fan” after the Raiders loss yesterday. It later came out that this dipshit was just trying to gode Penn into hitting him so he could make some money off a lawsuit. You’ve got to be a real scumbag low life piece of shit to pull a stunt like this but what else would you expect out of a guy who wears sunglasses with frames like that?

Anyway, there are a couple of lessons that we can all take away from this situation. 1) Athletes always need to keep their heads on a swivel and keep their cool to avoid playing into the hands of bastards like this knob. And 2) Hockey fans are so clearly tougher than football fans. Why is that, you ask me? Well because hockey fans aren’t afraid to throw the first punch. Exhibit A:

You want to fight a professional athlete? Fine. But you better damn well put your money where your mouth is. Chris Falcone didn’t jump into the penalty box to fight Tie Domi because he wanted to get a bunch of likes and retweets on social media. He didn’t jump into the penalty box to fight Tie Domi because he wanted to eventually sue the guy for “emotional distress”. Chris Falcone jumped into the penalty box to fight Tie Domi because hockey fans are wild sons of bitches who have zero regard for their own health and well being. He felt like that was the best decision he could have made at the time and without hesitation, leaped into the box and at least attempted to chuck some knucks. You can call him an asshole. You can call him an idiot. But you can’t call Chris Falcone a pussy.

Best part about the whole thing? He and Tie Domi eventually ended up becoming friendly. None of this “you punch me and then I sue you for all your worth” bullshit that football fans try to pull. Nope. Just a good old fashion tilt that settles the score and then everybody can carry on their merry way afterwards. The way that it’s supposed to be.