Troy Aikman Saw A Ghost Live On National Television Yesterday And It Was Amazing

Such an under appreciated little moment from the Packers/Cowboys game yesterday. Troy Aikman having his brain freeze up live on air as he tried to blame a sack on a guy in street clothes. I would pay so much money to see his face in that exact moment. It was like he saw a ghost in front of 30 million people. Like an old CD his brain skipped a track. Credit to the producer cutting to Bakhtiara in that exact moment. Flawless camera work.

Oh and that ending was THE most predictable ending of all time. Anyone who has had their heart ripped out by Aaron Rodgers knew it was coming. It’s just not fair. To be up in a football game with a minute left and KNOW you’re going to lose. You know those stupid win probability things they do? I’m sure the Cowboys were at like 75% win probability after Dak’s touchdown, but what a computer doesn’t know anyone with a brain and 2 eyes knew all too well. The Packers were winning that game 100 times out of 100. Was just a question of Regulation or Overtime. Fucking Aaron Rodgers, fuck that guy.