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So Remember That Bar Fight Henry Melton Was In A Few Months Ago? Apparently He Bit A Guys Kidney And Told Everyone They Were White Trash




(Source) It was the weekend before Christmas, and there was quite a crowd inside Chill, a restaurant and sports bar at 814 South Main Street in Grapevine. Just before 2 a.m. on December 23, 2013, surveillance video shows a bartender telling a customer to leave, pointing at the door several times. “When he was asked to leave, his belligerence and unruliness turned into violence,” said attorney Darren Wolf, who represents Donald Payne, the owner of Chill.

The surveillance video clearly shows at least one punch was thrown. Wolf said it took four people to remove the customer, who they later discovered was Henry Melton, a defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears and a former Texas Longhorns player. Melton graduated from Grapevine High School. “It took four men to do this because he’s a big guy,” Wolf said. “And in the process, my client — Mr. Payne — received a really really horrific bite from Mr. Melton. He bit him in the side, near the kidney, through the skin.” Wolf said Payne was treated at a hospital and sent home. Melton was arrested. Payne has now filed a lawsuit against Melton, seeing monetary relief “in a sum greater than $1 million,” according to court documents. But Wolf said they would leave it to a jury to decide an exact monetary award. The attorney said there were injuries beyond medical bills. “There’s some psychological injury there,” Wolf said. “The thought of another human being you don’t know biting through your skin, piercing your skin… it’s a pretty frightening experience. And it’s dangerous.” According to the lawsuit, at the bar the night of the incident, Melton was telling restaurant workers that he “was a millionaire and the bartenders were nothing but poor white trash.



Was that wrong? Is Melton not a millionaire? Because last I checked Henry Melton made 8.5 million dollars last year with the Bears. Is it illegal to state fact? Compared to him, everyone else is poor white trash. Sorry for being honest I guess. And as for the kidney bite this lawyer can calm the fuck down.


The thought of another human being you don’t know biting through your skin, piercing your skin… it’s a pretty frightening experience.


It’s not a fucking dog. Henry Melton doesn’t have rabies (as far as I know). Yeah he probably shouldn’t have been biting people but that’s just what happens in a bar scrum. You want to tell me there are rules when you get in a fist fight at a bar? Well then you’ve probably never been in a fist fight at a bar. Personally I would never bite someone because I’m afraid of AIDS but if someone bit me I wouldn’t act like I was shocked and my psychological well being was forever in jeopardy. Grow up man. Take your hush money and go on your way.






Bears Just resigned Izzy Idonije. Obviously far from a sexy pickup but its a cheap body that can play every position on the line. You need depth at a low price, that’s all it is.




Also Earl Bennett was cut which is fine because the Bears got Domenix Hixon and Marquees Wilson should step into the 3rd spot.