Having The Bruins Home Opener And The Sox Playoff Game At The Same Time Is Such A Dickhead Move (Bonus Bruins Pump Up Video) UPDATE - THAT WAS A TEST. BRUINS HOME OPENER ALREADY HAPPENED SO IF YOU AGREED WITH THIS BLOG YOU ARE A PINK HAT BRUINS FAN

(What’s up with this twitter handle? Pats aren’t good anymore? Yes they are and why would a B’s fan say this? Such a hockey hardo thing where everything sucks but hockey)

Sometimes I don’t get TV executives. There are 4 baseball games today. The Bruins home opener is also today. The Bruins schedule has been done for months. Somehow the powers that be managed to schedule the Sox game at the same fucking time. Give me a break. Hey newsfalsh. Most Sox fans are Bruins fans and vice versa. These are both big events. Figure it the fuck out. Move the Sox to 4pm or 7pm. Put the Yankees at 1pm or 4pm. Let Boston fans have one of those Boston only days where you can go to both to events. Where the rest of the country just stares at us in awe wishing they were us. There is no excuse for this at all.

UPDATE – This blog was a test. There is nothing I hate more than Pink Hat Bruins fans. I bet alot of you idiots thought today was the home opener. If you fell for this blog. Shame on you. Everybody knows the B’s are 1-0 and played at home recently.