Women Get Stranded At The Airport After Getting Plastic Surgery Cause They Look Nothing Like Their Passports

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Daily Mail- Three women who had travelled to South Korea to undergo plastic surgery were reportedly stuck at the airport on their return journey because they looked too different from their passport pictures. The trio, said to be from China, were recovering from their operations, as it appears, as they had swollen faces and bandages around their head.  They were said to look nothing like their passport photos and had been stopped from flying home, according to reports on Chinese-language media. The picture was said to be taken at one unnamed airport in South Korea during China’s National Day holiday, according to Apple Daily. It’s believed that the three women, who remain unidentified, had taken the advantage of the ‘Golden Week’ and travelled to the neighbouring South Korea to undergo plastic surgery.


Well well well. The ol’ “I swear that’s me on the passport but I just got plastic surgery on my face” excuse. We’ve seen it hundreds of times. Not gonna work, ladies. If you even are ladies, that is. How can we know? We can’t. Take off those bandages and show us your true identity. Next thing you know underage kids are gonna try and pull this stunt when buying booze. You might be thinking that getting plastic surgery just to buy alcohol illegal seems out of the realm of possibility but you know it’s not. Getting underage booze is the most important thing to an underage kid. Full disclosure, I’m sure those ladies are the ladies they’re claiming to be but I am 1000% on the side of security who would’t let them board the plane. You’d rather be on this side of it rather than seeing the news report that a bunch of terrorists were able to board a plane cause they used the ol’ plastic surgery excuse. That’s all I’m saying.