The LA Chargers Got Their First Victory Of The Year! So They Celebrated By Giving Away An Expired Coupon!

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Dean Spanos! What a guy, giving away free money left and right! So generous! Annnnnnd the promo graphic says it expired September 25th. Newsflash, we’re nine day into October. Classic Chargers, can’t get anything right. Literally nothing. It’s almost impressive how they can’t do anything right. No one wants to go to your games, no one wants you in LA, and the one time you try and smooth over the fans you give them a big middle finger. I almost wish this move was on purpose. As if Spanos wanted to spite all of the fans in LA and San Diego for all the backlash he’s gotten the last few months. Spanos should just turn full heel and try to get absolutely no one to like his team. He honestly doesn’t have to go much further than he’s at right now to reach that goal. I’ve never seen a situation like this before where the fans hate their own team for non-performance reasons.

The Chargers have deleted the tweet and put up a real promo code that actually hasn’t expired, but that doesn’t take away from the initial fuck up. Even in victory, they still lose.

P.S. There’s only one man that can save the Chargers. It’s Arnold