Nick Saban Says The Media Is Feeding "Rat Poison" To Bama Players By Telling Them How Awesome They Are

Absolutely CLASSIC Nick Saban. CLASSIC. Name another coach that would be pissed off about his players being so good that they get positive attention from the local media. You can’t. Name another coach that hates reporters because they’re TOO complimentary of the team and the coaching.  It’s poison.  Rat poison.  All those nice words on that dang social media will kill you dead.

“I’m trying to get our players to listen to me instead of listening to you guys,” he said referring to reporters, who of course have been writing stories about how awesome the Tide have looked in beatdown after beatdown. “All that stuff that you write about how good we are and all that stuff they get on ESPN is like poison.

“It’s like taking poison.
“Like rat poison.
“I’m asking them: ‘Are you going to listen to me or are you going to listen to these guys about how good you are?’ ”


Should have known something was up last week when Saban lightened up for a little bit and told that awesome story about his childhood.  Should have smelled something fishy.

He was just setting you journalists up for him to snap the curtain shut again and dunk all over your face. STOP SAYING NICE THINGS.  Until they win the championship, at which point, you may say one nice thing each, and then it’s on to next season.