The Giants Receiving Corps Is So Beat Up That Even Terrell Owens And Chad Johnson Were Taking/Shooting Their Shots On Twitter

You know your season has gone to shit when guys like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson start tweeting at your team. Like 610 blogged about yesterday, not only is the season a wrap but so is the receiving corps. Odell’s ankle exploded, BMarsh was carted off the field after tweaking his ankle, and Sterling Shepard had to be carried to the bench with (wait for it) an ankle injury! The amount of Ray Ramirez being hired by the Giants jokes that flooded my Twitter mentions would have been funny if they weren’t so depressing.

But the best part about these tweets is that I guarantee TO and Ocho both meant what they tweeted. You know how inside every joke is a grain of truth? That grain is probably the one speck of hope for each of these guys. I’m sure neither guys miss barely being able to walk on Monday morning. But it beats the hell out of unknowingly getting roasted alive as you try to sling Butterfingers.

Or hanging out with a bunch of flunkies while playing FIFA

P.S. Shout out to the Bengals for being the team that brought TO and Ocho Cinco together. 4-12 records are temporary. Pictures like this are forever.

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals