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Are We Going To War With North Korea?


This morning.

“Only one thing will work” is the latest cryptic too-close-to-a-militaristic-slash-nuclear-reality message dropped by Donnie. That of course came shortly after the “calm before the storm” jab during dinner night the military leaders last week. So this all begs the question we’ve been asking now for several months: Are we going to war with North Korea? I’ve long contended that North Korea provokes simply to prove they can. They flaunt their militaristic capabilities for the same reason humans are taught to appear as large as possible in the presence of blacks bears — to deter them from attacking. A bear can’t afford to suffer a serious wound just like we can’t afford to absorb a nuclear bomb.

The difference now is Trump loves to poke back. He can’t wait for Rocket Man’s reactions. He huddles around the Resolute desk with his squad like a frat bro receiving nudes every time Rocket Man releases a statement. Breaking it down. Deciding what to fire back. How far to go. Just two hilarious, egotistical world leaders with nukes in their pockets hurling insults at each other. Guy loves it. What a fascinating dichotomy we’ve got on our hands. I mean Rocket Man, who obliterates his own generals with antiaircraft guns, called OUR president a “mentally deranged US dotard” … and many people believe he’s pretty spot on.

Look at this guy. Loves it.

Still think these guys simply love chirping each other, but I’d feel a lot better about it if I were back in Missouri versus Manhattan. Ain’t nobody nukin’ Missouri.