The Bulls Game Last Night Absolutely BLEW Lorde's Mind



Ever wonder what it’s like for a 17 going on 60 year old Pop Singer from Australia to experience her first NBA game? Well now you know. Mind absolutely blown.







This was in the first 3 minutes of the game or so. Does Lorde know who is playing? No. Does she care? Also no. Does she now have a stress ulcer? You fucking bet.





This is such a chick comment. Everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about. The girl that roots for one team all game and then when they win sees the other team crying and says how bad she feels for them and wishes everyone could win. Grow up Lorde, you don’t feel proud for them. Stop blowing smoke up our ass.




They’re not cheerleaders Lorde, they’re the Luvabulls and they’re the best cheerleaders in the world.


Just kidding. The Luvabulls are like a solid 2 to the Laker Girls 10.



I can only imagine what the Jesse White Tumblers would have done to Lorde’s brain.



And Lorde can’t read words and understand what the Kiss Cam is. All in all a good night. Thank fucking god I’m not a foreigner.