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I wanted to start off this round up by saying something we rarely get to say: good job, Florida!

Also, UNLV, don’t really know what to say except amazing job #VegasStrong:

All together now: CLONES!

Stat of the week:


I love The U and the city of Miami so damn much. Never change for anybody, Miami…not even climate change.




Look on the bright side, FSU, at least you have Cam Akers!

And these guys!


A long, wet, and depressing night in the Big House:






#MACtion won the damn day….SEVEN OT’S!!!

Beautiful moment on SEC GameDay #ItJustMeansMore.

Atlanta Hawks are looking for the reverse Tony Gonzalez/Antonio Gates in Alabama.

Hopefully the Hawks stuck around for the entire game. Some real talent showed during the late parts of the game.

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Ole Miss introduced their new mascot and let’s say it wasn’t the best debut!

Are you confused? Good, because I’m confused too:

Give Kenny #TRILL Hill the ball and get out of the damn way, okay?

Another great day for Mike Leach! All thanks to potassium!

Kansas football’s fan walk was sad, but David Beaty didn’t notice because he was too busy touching every cheerleader in sight.

ESPN and Washington’s Chris Petersen started a war in the media and, believe it or not, the whole thing is pretttttyyyy dumb. It started when Petersen mentioned his frustration with late kickoffs in a press conference:

Then Kirk Herbstreit and everybody else at ESPN got #MadOnTV:

Washington had a late kickoff on ESPN, which ESPN used as an opportunity to defend their side even more. They even went at Washington’s “cupcake” schedule by bringing cupcakes on the field and doing a segment with them:

Don’t do that, Texas A&M! You are better than that!

You definitely aren’t better than Alabama, but you are definitely better than that!

Nick Saban was mad that his team only won by 9 points, so he went on one of his media rants:


Thank god the internet exists, so stuff like this goes viral.

Be happy for Coach O….it’s good for your soul! I promise!

Balls. To. The. Damn. Floor.


Shanks are not good for the punting brand! Isn’t that right, McAfee?

Butttttttttt fake punts are!

#FootballGuy of the week:

Northwestern was the latest victim in Penn State’s path to the Big Ten championship game, but you wouldn’t have known it looking at their sideline.


Another Saturday, another day of weak targeting calls:


Texas is quietly 2-0 in the Big 12, folks!

Chirping from school accounts is what all the kids are doing these days!

Oh no, Wake Forest, no:

Here is your weekly update on Clemson’s status: still good at the football thing!