What You Order For Dinner On Sunday Can Make Or Break Your Entire Week

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I had to write this blog real quick because this resonated with a lot of people last night, and it made me feel good that we are all in this struggle together. It was last night that I finally came to the realization and was able to put into words perhaps the biggest struggle of being a middle class white person earning a fair wage living in uptown Hoboken: figuring out what to eat for dinner on Sunday night. Sunday nights are easily the biggest night of the week when it comes to dinner for several reasons:

1) You’re still recovering from the weekend-long hangover and there’s absolutely no way you’re cooking, if you even have food in your house at all. Sundays are for sitting on the couch and watching football from sun up to sun down while ignoring all the drunk texts you sent out the night before. Finishing the weekend with a delicious dinner, delivered to your door, is the only way to do it.


2) You can eat whatever you’d like on Sunday night because the diet and gym starts on Monday. Even thinking about waking up an hour earlier to hit the gym before work is reason enough to order that pizza. It gets tricky though, because at the same time, you have that angel on your shoulder that’s like “hey maybe you should eat healthy tonight and get a head start on the week”. That fucking angel is the worst, I tell ya. Trying to convince you to walk to Trader Joe’s and pick up some vegetables and make a salad for work the next day. It has never won, but it’s mere presence on your shoulder can make the ordering process very tricky.


The ordering process is difficult as hell. You scan all the menus, because you definitely can’t decide if you want Chinese, or pizza and wings, or maybe a sandwich and fries. It’s the feeling of reading a book- you’re definitely looking at the words on these menus, but nothing is resonating with you. No matter how many times you look at the menus, over and over and over again, nothing looks good, even though you know it’s all good.

Like obviously pizza is going to be good- but if the diet starts tomorrow, do you really want to risk having leftovers? 100% chance you’re snagging a slice on the way out the door before work, completely ruining the point. And if you don’t have leftovers, are you prepared to eat that large pizza and 12 chicken wings? It’s a never-ending conundrum.

Same goes for Chinese. It’s impossible to order a respectable amount of Chinese food. You need ragoons, you need a chicken dish, you’ve been wanting to try something different so you get “Happy Family”, whatever the fuck that is. And an order of lo mein because those greasy ass noodles are delicious. Now you have 45 dollars of Chinese food and a stomach ache, nice going.

A sandwich is always an option, but it’s such a weak delivery choice that you feel like an idiot when you do it. That’s why the menu scanning goes on forever, because while the French Dip sounds great, that’s a clown order, bro…especially when you’ve been thinking about how awesome pizza is for the last 45 minutes (re-reads pizza section of this blog and nods in agreement). It’s just a never ending circle.

And then you place your order. And sometimes…this happens….and don’t worry, don’t be ashamed, because it happens to all of us every now and then:


Brutal. When you place your order, sit back into the couch, and are like “fuck, I don’t even want that”. Now you have a cheeseburger being delivered from cross town, it’ll take 45 minutes-hour to get there (and you know it always takes longer), and you’re paying a 3 dollar delivery fee, plus tip on top, for a cold burger and fries, and they didn’t even leave off the aioli like you asked.

Last night it took me nearly 2 hours to order. I was jumping between sushi, pizza, and tacos (I’d pick them up from this place around the corner, don’t worry). I ended up getting a steak quesadilla and tater tots. Odd order, for sure, but I panicked and that’s what I came up with. The good news is, the steak quesadilla was one of the best I’ve ever had, so it actually worked out very well in my favor. So my week is saved, but I think I got lucky. What if it sucked? My entire week would be ruined. And I was cracking up on Twitter last night seeing how many people are in this struggle with me. Sunday Night dinners, they are the best of times, and they are the worst of times.