Aaron Rodgers Just Reminded Everyone Who The Best Quarterback in Football is

You can’t leave a minute and thirteen seconds on the clock for Aaron Rodgers. Dallas gave the game away when Dak threw a 2nd down fade out of the end zone stopping the clock. What a stupid fucking call by Jason Garrett. Dak runs in the next play for the go ahead score but the clock barely moved. What did Rodgers do? He crossed midfield in just 30 seconds. He was never thinking field goal, not with the way Crosby was kicking extra points earlier in the game, nope it was go for the jugular time. His run on third down where it appeared Lawrence had him for a devastating sack instead turned into an 18 yard gain. Brady can throw the football in the clutchest of clutch times, but he could never do what Rodgers did on that play. Never.

Rodgers owns the Cowboys. He owns real estate in Jerry World. Now 4-1 and in sole possession of first place, this was a massive win. Just getting healthier and healthier on both sides of the ball (short of Jordy who was sidelined with who knows what on that last drive). Go Pack Go. Rodgers continues to be a magician.

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