Do or Die: The Yankees Season Comes Down To Masahiro Tanaka


It’s tough to forget about Friday night. In every way shape or form the series should be tied. Well, it’s not. It’s do or time now and all we can do now is take it one game at a time. Tonight Masahiro Tanaka gets the ball against Carlos Carrasco. Tanaka finished the season with an electrifying 15 strikeout performance and hopes to parlay that, along with a ton of rest in a must-win, can’t-lose elimination game. All hands are on deck today with the day off allowing all our arms to rest. Here’s the lineup we’re cookin’ with today.

Todd Frazier(9-23 .393) and Jacoby Ellsbury (8-21 .381) have great success against Carrasco so they’re obvious starts today. Let’s pray Girardi pulls the right levers today and trusts his players to challenge calls that determine the outcome of this baseball game. Hope Tanaka uses his lengthy rest and pitches a fucking gem today because we need it. The stadium needs to be electric from the start and I expect it to as long as Tanaka can get through a clean first inning.

ONE AT A FUCKING TIME BOYS AND GIRLS. Gary’s tweet has given me hope. I didn’t hear no bell!!!!