Leonard Fournette Is An Actual Insane Person

This was earlier in the game. I still don’t understand how a person leaps from the five yard line and lands with his whole body in the endzone without being touched by any of the 11 human beings being paid specifically to stop you from doing that. That’s just a preposterous display of athleticism.

But more recently, Fournette did something in this game that wasn’t physically insane. It was simply just insane.

Calling out defenders to come tackle you is as certifiable as it gets. Sure, it’s a corner and not like, Vontaze Burfict, but still. Fournette’s been waiting forever to get to the League and now that he’s here he’s doing Superman dives into the endzone from five yards out and head hunting people with the ball in his hands. Enjoy watching him while you can because someone who plays with such reckless abandon clearly has no plans to have a Frank Gore type career.