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Credit Where Credit's Due: This Was The Nastiest Slap Shot I've Ever Seen From Ovechkin

I mean….

Come on….

I’m sure that Nate will have more on Ovi being the first player to open the season with back-to-back hat tricks later. But I just have to chime in real quick on how much this Alex Ovechkin clapper defies every single law of physics ever known to man. Puck rolling on its edge, no-look, turn around, fade away rocket, glove side, tucked away perfectly in the corner. None of what I said right there should be possible, yet Alex Ovechkin did it all in the first 20 seconds of the game last night. I know the NHL has been pretty set on the whole “we’re not going to the Olympics this year” but I’m praying to god right now that they change their mind because I need Ovechkin to go away for 2 weeks this season. Just anything at all that could possibly throw him off his game. If not… well then fuck.

P.S. – If you have to ask who a penalty is on, I feel like it should be against the law to actually send the guy to the penalty box. That’s some false imprisonment shit right here.