If You Bet Stanford, Let's Just Say You Didn't Deserve That Ending

There are bad beats, and then there are BAD BEATS. Stanford entered this road game against undefeated Utah as a three point favorite. At halftime Stanford grabbed a three point lead. The second half line was a pickem or at the last second Stanford -1/2 a point (I’m so sorry if this was you).

In the third quarter both teams traded field goals in rather boring fashion. Then in the beginning of the 4th, Stanford’s standout running back Bryce Love broke off a 68 yard touchdown to put the Cardinal up 10.

You weren’t home yet if you had Stanford, but you were certainly in the driver’s seat. Utah’s offense drove right down the field until their incompetent quarterback decided to chuck a ball up with his eyes closed as he was evading a pass rusher. Standford picked it off with 8:37 to go in the game. In classic boring Stanford fashion they ran the ball three times up the gut and punted it away.

Utah’s incompetent quarterback decided he was done with this game and threw up a prayer on the very next play. Picked, not even close. Was almost like the play was to throw to the defensive back. Stanford continued to bleed the clock, but after only getting one first down, punted the ball back once more with 3:43 to go.

Utah was pinned back at their own five having to go the length of the field to fuck over Stanford backers. On 2nd down with the offense looking HORRENDOUS a targeting penalty was called in the end zone after an incomplete pass to nobody. The Stanford player was ejected and Utah was given some breathing room out of their own end zone. After three worthless offensive plays where Utah looked completely lost, Utah QB Troy Williams was demolished on 4th down as he was throwing up a prayer that fell out of bounds. Targeting AGAIN. The Stanford player, their top defensive pass rusher, ejected as well.

At this point if you’ve been betting long enough you know it’s not going to work out for you if you have Stanford. A few 20 yard completions got the ball down to the Stanford 18 yard line with a minute to go. Here you’re praying Utah kicks a field goal to make it a one possession game and save time for themselves in the event they get an onside kick. Obviously this didn’t happen.

Troy Williams found Darren Carrington in the end zone for the dagger touchdown. The Stanford defensive back never turned around and it was an easy pitch and catch. Dagger city, leave the knife in for you to bleed out on the floor. Only thing left was the extra point. You have to watch just in case. Just in case something happens…


Are you kidding? A perfect snap gets completely botched by the holder. Almost Tony Romo-esque against Seattle in the playoffs botched. The kicker literally comes up to kick it and stops. He STOPS. The holder recovers miraculously because of course he does. He gets the ball set and the kicker hits it with the side of his foot just over the cross bar. It was so cruel. You don’t deserve this if you had Stanford. That whole drive was disgusting. Utah’s quarterback was throwing the ball with his eyes closed in the 4th quarter and he got two prayer roughing the passer targeting penalties to keep his drive alive. And then that PAT? Nope, that’s terrible. That’s a terrible bad beat if you had Stanford or Stanford 2H and stayed up until 2 AM like ya boy to see that shit.

Gambling is not fun.

P.S. After Dave’s UCF over and cover didn’t count I can only hope he didn’t have Stanford too. Those are losses that ruin men. I had Stanford -1/2 second half and I can’t sleep.